Global Warming

I went to California over winter break, hoping for warm weather, sun and the beach – like my hometown of Madras. I get there, and its raining and COLD. Someone lied to me about California!! 55 F and raining, come on. And I call my buddy in Bloomington, IN and ask him what its like over there and his reply – 59 and raining. And I flew to the coast for what again!?

Anyways, whether that had anything to do with the ‘global warming’ phenomenon or not, strange things are happening to the earth. California is about to lose a large percentage of its citrus crop because of the cold front. Maine is experiencing mild weather, and this is definitely not normal. While experts caution not to read too much into the situation as it is a short time frame, something is wrong. But saddeningly, “experts” pop up at regular intervals and claim that global warming is not really happening. Do I know for sure if there is a global phenomenon? No. But does that mean uncommon and irregular events are not happening, like the cold front in California? Common sense would tell us that the amount of cars in use, energy and resources consumed cant be all that good for us or for the environment. Can cutting a lot of trees be good for anyone (except loggers with a short term interest)? Is pollution going to make you or me more healthy?

Many experts and climatologists understand our dire situation and want us to make drastic changes to our lifestyle. I believe that for large scale action, there needs to be a top-down approach , like the global warming bill. But there can be small bottom-up approaches too. We can make small changes to our lifestyle and contribute something, or at least contribute less to the mess. I dont know what that is for you, but it cant be all that difficult to figure out. Switching lights off, turning your computers off at night, walking occasionally instead of driving to the nearest place you want to go to. Little things do add up. Most people cop out by saying something like “What can one person do? what can switching the lights off do”. Finally, it is down to us to do something or not. And I believe we can.


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