Soccer in America

David Beckham is coming to America, to play for a team based in Los Angeles. While the reasons behind this are many, and better explained by soccer pundits on Soccernet, I do want to make a couple of points. I am a Manchester United fan, and David Beckham is the indirect reason that I started supporting United. I had just started watching football a few months before that, and the only team I watched semi-seriously was Ajax. Then, first day of the season in 1996-97, and ManUtd was on TV. I started watching the game for no reason, and then Beckham ( I had no idea about any of their names, let alone anything about United) does something amazing. From the half-way line, he scores above Neil Sullivan’, the goalkeeper, head. Before the end of the season, I was a fan. And have remained ever since.

Anyways, back to Beckham. To put it simply, he is being unfairly treated and under-rated. To me, he is the best passer/crosser in the game. People are complaining about his lack of pace but he never had pace. His game was about finding a little bit of space to cross, and hit the ball on the forwards head and bounce it into the goal. And he was, and still is, quite brilliant at that. Real Madrid are a team an old team with a misguided philosophy, and are now in the process of cleaning their house. And Beckham is a convenient scapegoat. If he was still at United, the story would have been different – look at Scholes and Giggs. So, now he’s off to LA where he’s going to get an extraordinary sum of money. And to a place where he will be glorified for his football and his celebrity status, and he might even get a few people to watching soccer. Permanently get Americans to watching soccer doesnt seem possible, but he is going to turn a few heads. And LA is a logical choice, as he would never have returned to any club but United. And staying at Madrid was not an option. So, he decided to cash out and have some fun playing in LA. Good for you DB.



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