netflix vs blockbuster

Netflix did something unique and amazing when they came up with their strategy. For those not familiar with Netflix, they allow you to rent movies online, send them to you by post and you can send it back by post. No late fees, no driving to the DVD store, no hassles. It has a really cool website by the way. A company with a very ‘green’ philosophy, as people are not driving to get DVD’s and back. But now, Blockbuster has copied their model and linked it with their store too. So, one can mail the DVD’s or drive to the store. While this definitely is better than what Netflix has to offer, I do not feel good about it. And I am not switching to Blockbuster from Netflix. After all, they came up with the idea. And driving to the store destroys the ‘green’ concept. Blockbuster is concerned about money and beating Netflix, and has a good chance of doing so. But not through me. Hopefully, customer loyalty (or eccentricity as might be in this case) from people should sustain Netflix. Go NETFLIX!!


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