Why ExxonMobil is a piece of shit

Global warming is certainly a topic that all of us need to be familiar with. With weird temperatures and climate cycles affecting large parts of the world, we all know that something’s not right. What the world needs is a large scale, top-down action plan. Many grass roots level organizations have been doing the work until now, and it is time for the governments and policy makers to step up and make something happen.

What the world needs is someone to explain what is happening, with irrefutable truth. If that is not possible, we need at least a unified voice informing us and cautioning us against several actions. People world over need to understand the seriousness of the situation. And what is not helping this unified message is the presence of skeptics and anti-global warming experts and organizations. Maybe global warming is not perfectly true, but something is wrong. And action taken to clean up the mess that we make is not going to ruin the earth. Whatever we do in an attempt to stop this phenomenon is going to be for the overall good. So, stop confusing common people and sending mixed messages.

Exxon is one of those organizations that falls under this category. To fuel its sales, it funds the research that “disproves” global warming. This is as bad as Big Tobacco, maybe even worse. Check out the links below.

Scientists offered cash to dispute climate study

Funding the global warming denial industry

Forty public policy groups have this in common: They seek to undermine the scientific consensus that humans are causing the earth to overheat. And they all get money from ExxonMobil.

Scientists’ Report Documents ExxonMobil’s Tobacco-like Disinformation Campaign on Global Warming Science Oil Company Spent Nearly $16 Million to Fund Skeptic Groups, Create Confusion

Exxon Secrets

Again, my point is whether global warming is happening or not, we are ruining the world. Over-fishing, polluting, over-consumption – basically being slobs – cannot be a good thing. So, doing what we do, but in a sustainable fashion can only be for the good. So, lets figure out a way to do that, rather than be fooled by people like Exxon. I never figured that I would be writing posts like this, or asking people to not buy products from companies like this, but we can make a difference. This can be a powerful bottom-up movement. Make a conscious effort to punish people like this, by not succumbing to them. Do the right thing, it is not that hard.


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