cool things on the horizon

There are quite a few things that are coming up that promise a lot. Here’s some of them. Its not in any particular order except the order it came to my mind while I was typing this

Joost: First real competitor to YouTube, as I am not counting the clones. In fact, Joost might be a competition for all TV’s. The guys who made Kazaa and Skype are now typing P2P and TV together, to make “truly interactive television”. It looks like a site where you can upload videos, maintain channels(?), watch regular TV with social features like chat thrown in. And the streaming is P2P, and these guys know their P2P. Many people, like Mark Cuban, have said Internet over broadband cannot work today, so it makes for an interesting battle. Of course, having deep pockets like these guys might help.

300: This movie looks so cool, it puts even “Sin City” to shame. Made by the same people (almost?), this movie is about 300 greeks (mostly spartans) defending their land against a million persians or something of that sort. If you have no idea what am talking about, next stop for you is Apple Trailers.

Spring Break: A holiday is on the horizon. sweet words that enable me to stumble through the final 10 days.

Cricket World cup: The world cup is back, and am kinda excited. Not too much as I have not figured out a way of watching it. Its the premier cricket competition in the world, held every 4 years. This time its in the caribbean, and after Australia’s recent and amazing loss to New Zealand, has all the makings of a cracker. Of course, being Sachin’s last world cup campaign makes it extra special. Go India!

Affordable solar panels: Making your home “solar-powered” just got cheaper. This start-up has a neat business model in mind, whether it is going to work or not is up for debate. Instead of paying upwards of $20,000 you get them to install it and pay them monthly for electricity. Isn’t that cool? Wired recently wrote about this, check it out here.


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