a sad world cup for many reasons

india are for all purposes out of the world cup. pakistan are out.

more importantly, and sadly, Bob Woolmer, one of the most innovative coaches the sport has ever seen was murdered. what the hell is wrong with this world?!  The man who was responsible for South Africa’s rise in the cricketing world, and the man entrusted with the responsibility of trying to make one the most volatile and talented teams in the world perform to its potential, was found murdered, YES MURDERED, the night after Pakistan was knocked out of the world cup by Ireland. Violence in football (soccer) is common, although the only murder I recall is Andres Escobar, who was gunned down after he scored an own goal which knocked Colombia out of the cup in 1994. But for this to happen in cricket, the supposed gentleman’s game, is shocking. I am at a serious loss for words to even describe this as ridiculous or stupid or anything.

Cricket has been in serious trouble for the last 7 or so years, after the match fixing problem came to the fore. Drug scandals, Robert Mugabe, and now Bob Woolmer’s death needs to shake the cricketing fraternity up, and make them rethink many things.

i will rant about Indian cricket’s problems soon. For now, it is time to pay tribute to Woolmer, solely responsible for changing the methods of coaching in cricket, and former Wisden cricketer of the year. Pakistan is rumored to be setting up a cricket academy in his name, and a trust foundation has been setup to continue Bob’s visions. Hopefully, the murderer(s) will be caught soon.


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