CHI 2007

CHI 2007 was a great experience, and extremely successful personally. Technically, the conference is still not over and am lounging in the convention center, but I dont have “work” to do. Getting to the finals of the Student Design Competition, presenting the work-in-progress poster, and hearing/meeting a lot of cool people – its been a great experience.


Coming third overall in an international student design competition feels great. And the feedback we received about our project has been overwhelming. Me and my team really appreciate the feedback/comments and all the help everyone’s done for us to get here. And of course, congrats to the “Celerometer” team for making it to the finals, and the other 3 IU teams who made it to the final 12. GO IU!!! The Ri-Ri team is open to anyone interested in talking more about our project. We really believe this solution is feasible and implementable, and would like to people who can help us in doing that. To find out more about our project, download the paper from here.


Me and Christian Beck presented a stripped down version of our masters thesis towards the work-in-progress section at CHI. And our poster won Honorable Mention which makes it even cooler. I was also able to see/meet other people working in similar areas, like HCI4D from Georgia Tech, Tier from Berkeley and was great to see Gary Marsden get the Social Impact award for his work in this area. Unfortunately, I couldnt see the actual talk as I was at one of the million other cool things at the conference. Looking at the work people are doing in this area – design in the rural world – one cannot but feel good and hopeful about improving the world situation as regards poverty, unsustainability and the million other problems that we face. Next stop in this area – DIS 2008.

 Now its time to graduate, finish the thesis and get a job. Lets see how all that goes. For all designers out there, especially students, dont miss out on an experience like this. And do enter the Student Design Competition. Its an amazing experience, and remember that what you make can actually affect and change a real problem, and make people’s lives better. And of course, its in Florence.


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