epl 2007-2008

wooooooohooooooo. season starts on sunday. well, technically tomorrow, but ManU play on Sunday. And with the bunch of predictions going around, it is time to make my own. ManUtd are favorites in so many people’s minds, but Chelsea are right there. And somehow, am not sure having such a large squad is good. I think SAF is trying to conquer the league and Europe, and having this final push by having such a large squad. Am not too sure how good that is. And I am already disappointed with the transfer dealings. While Carlos Tevez is a huge favorite of mine, letting Pepe Rossi go is just terrible. The kid deserved a chance. Hopefully Gerard Pique wont go the same route. Also, looks like Saha is going to be third fiddle, which is sad. Coz I think in Louis we have a 25 goals per season forward. And he is the guy who makes us not one-dimensional, by providing structure at the top of the line, while all around him run around freely. With Rooney, Ronaldo, Tevez, I think Saha is not gonna feature a lot. Which is again something against United. Unfortunately. So, while they are being touted as the favorites, I think SAF is making a few mistakes in his anxiousness to win the Champs league. But regardless, heart over head. ManU to win. Chelski to come in second. Arsenal third. L’pool fourth.

Top goalscorer: RVP. A steal from Feyenoord(?) a few seasons ago, Robin van Persie is just brilliant with the ball. And I think he’s gonna finish as the top goal scorer. Of course, Didier Drogba, Berbatov are there, but I think van Persie’s got it. Wayne Rooney is apparently gonna play a lot further forward, but I am not sure if Rooney is an out-and-out goalscorer. Maybe he will be in a couple  of years, if this is the perfect role for him

Team to watch: Sunderland. For just one reason. Keano. Yes, he signed a 24 year old Scot goalie for 9 million pounds, and a Newcastle reject at 5 million, and a ManU reject at around the same. But Keano and Sunderland will be worth watching. Yes, Blackburn and Everton might be at the business end of the table, trying to break into Europe. But in Sunderland and Keane, there’s …. there’s just something about it. Can Keane grab the team and its average players by the scruff of their necks and drag them up the table? Lets see.

Relegation: Derby, Wigan. The third team is difficult to spot. Fulham, B’ham, S’land, Boro, Reading(!!).

And finally: Man City. WHAT?? Stupid Eriksson actually gets a job. And does what he does best. Be stupid. By signing a bunch of players he’s seen on video. I hope he falls flat on his face, coz well he sucks, and coz he’s managing the “other” team in Manchester


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