my $35 phone call to India

I recently returned from India. On my way there, I had a lengthy stopover in Athens, Greece. I wanted to make a phone call to my girlfriend in Madras, India but couldnt find a calling card in the airport. Well, I wasnt really looking. So, I went over to the pay phone, thinking it cant cost me more than a few bucks to call. Sure enough, there was company that allowed me to call, pay by credit card, costing $4.99 per minute. Since I was gonna speak for just one minute, this seemed fine to me as any calling card would’ve been more expensive. Yes, I would have had more minutes, but it didnt seem worth the search.

So, I talk to an operator, and place my call. And it gets disconnected in like 40 seconds. But since I had said whatever I had to say, I didnt bother. A few days later, I check my credit card statement. And there’s a $35 charge, saying “call from greece”

I was puzzling over it, thought it was a mistake. then called them up. and realized this is how they work. googling about them – BBG Communications, I found lots of people with similar stories like mine. Check this link out. I tried to register a complaint, tried to talk to my bank. But couldnt. So, I left it, thinking I would give it one last shot after returning here. So, I call the call centre guy from the US, about 20 days ago. And he says I got charged $5 per minute, with a min. of 5 minutes, plus a $10 fee for talking with the operator. None of this was explained to me before, during my phone call. And the only way I could pay was by talking with an operator, coz the pay phone didnt allow me. I was shocked, but I decided to keep going, in a vain attempt to save my money. I said my call got disconnected after 40 seconds which “voids” the transaction, and maybe I should get some of my money back. And the guy coolly says “No, the other party disconnected”. Which they didnt, but I cant prove that. And whatever I say, he says those are the terms and I should have known them when I called. (Un)fortunately, I let off a few complimentary words. And this guy takes it all normally, coz am sure there’s loads of people like me who have been swindled, and he’s handled. And till this moment, I wasnt gonna do anything. Just take it without a sound. But hey, whats the point of blogs and all this crap if I dont try to do something about it.

So, if you are traveling, and you want to make a phone call – get a calling card. If you see the name BBG Communications ANYWHERE, run away. Dont bother reading beyond this, am just gonna add some stuff for Google to cache.

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