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Scobleizer has an interesting article, actually 3 videos about SEO-resistant technologies, and why he believes they are going to change the search industry. Makes very interesting watching. Check it out. If you dont have time to watch it(30 mins or so), I have a gist of his talk below.

He essentially talks about 3 different technologies, TechMeme, Mahalo and Facebook. And how Google works – PageRank and all that. He points out the drawbacks of SEO consultants, and how they can get some listings appear high on Google’s results. And he starts to explain how the 3 things listed above will provide better results.

TechMeme started by its founder keeping track of 1000 tech bloggers(like Scoble, Kawasaki etc) and what they talked about and linked to. And he built up a pattern, or a fabric as Scoble calls it. So, if Scoble gets an exclusive on say, the iPhone, and writes about it, it is not going to appear on TechMeme. But if other people who are part of the fabric of TechMeme start to write about it, and they will link each other back and forth, they will appear on TechMeme. And stuff stays on there based on how often it is talked about, how linked it is etc. The fabric has since expanded, but the point is that it is close to impossible for SEO people to get in on this. Because they are not part of the trusted tech blogging community. And the only way they can get in is by buying someone off.

Mahalo is a people based search engine. Mahalo pays 100 employees to look at new pages and rate it, and sort it. Again, it is hard for SEO people because they have to buy off a significant number of these 100 people. Even if they do succeed, it will probably not last for long as those people will do stupid stuff, like recommending articles and pages that they shouldnt, which will result in their termination.

Facebook is added to this list because it has a strong social graph. And that is the foundation of Scoble’s talk. How social graph is going to change the searching process. But one obvious problem is that the social graph and the fabric is not going to scale. As it is mostly human powered, built on circles of trust, how will one reach those topics which arent really talked about? or when there are TOO many topics for these people to cover and rate? Well, thats one reason why Scoble says it is gonna take 4 years for this to happen.


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