Robert Scoble comes under heavy criticism

For his SEO+Google vs TechMeme, Mahalo, Facebook speculation. But does he really deserve it? Like he says, he was just speculating on a Sunday morning. Whether his argument was wrong – only time will tell. Because stranger things have happened. But the severe backlash he faced from the blogosphere is because of his reputation. If you are trusted by the community, you cannot afford to be wrong or say things that are controversial. Which I think is bull. What is wrong in musing out loud? Maybe he should have been more clear that he was speculating rather than predicting that such an event was going to happen. Or maybe he should have used the 3 applications as examples rather than as the vehicles to bring about this change.

Personally, I enjoy reading and watching Scoble. He is very insightful and asks good questions and joins in the conversation. I liken him to Harsha Bhogle( those of you who are not Indian or do not watch cricket will not know him. He is a cricket commentator), asking and probing the other person in near-perfect fashion. To read about the criticism Scoble is facing, look at the following links and in particular the comments. Wired. Admit mistakes. Cant be more wrong.


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