long time a.k.a noise pollution and info overload

well, I have taken a long time in writing. Most of it is self-enforced. The noise pollution on the web is increasing. And do I want to add to it unless I have something really meaningful to say? No.

And this noise pollution triggered off this post. Over the last few months, and definitely after I moved to the valley, I have noticed a change in my reading habits. I am a voracious reader, my whole family is. Design books, Wodehouse, movie scripts, spy thrillers – I read them all. But ever since I started to subscribe to more than 10 blogs on my Google Reader, its been going downhill. I find myself reading less, and scanning more. And the amount of articles I LIKE or that add value is about 5%. If I leave my reader alone for 3 days, I have 500 unread stuff. For many people out there, that is probably little, but that is part of the problem. Information overload is well, not fun. As a designer, I have always been fond of simplicity and ‘less is more’ and projects like Ri-Ri have tackled things like that. I think this will be a private/pet design problem for me to think about next.

But for now, I am cutting on the amount of blogs that I subscribe to. I prefer the commitment of a book.


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