balsamiq mockups – really amazing tool


I heard about this tool for mockups a couple of weeks back but never got around to checking it out. And I finally did today, and man IT IS AWESOME!

If you are like me, someone who thinks paper prototyping is the best way to get started, then balsamiq mockups will blow you away. no more taking pictures of all my whiteboard drawings and sketches on paper. You can do all of that, in almost the same time it takes, using this tool. Of course, it does lack a couple of features that will make it even better. For example, interactivity. Yes, while I understand that it replaces paper prototyping, the medium allows you to get rid of problems people face in the original form(paper). But no worries, the developer/owner/one-man army that is ‘Peldi’ is dwelling on it.

I ran into this lack of interactivity problem 5 mins into using it, as I had already created one mockup by then. And I wanted to make another mockup for another tab in my menu but wasnt sure how I would go about it. From a cursory glance, I think creating wireframes just became a lot more efficient. and once the interactivity feature (links and actions) is in there, presenting these will also become easier. So, go ahead, check it out at You can try it out by clicking on the big ‘Try it Now’ link. Or take a look at some of the samples. Or check out the video.

Even though I’ve used it for less than 30 mins, I think this will turn into one of my essential design tools, along with Photoshop and IHMC cmap tools.


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