consistency, threads and stories

I watch a few TV shows, like Monk and Scrubs. I’ve always wondered about consistency in shows like that which spawn many seasons and how they are able to keep it that way. As a designer, you want what you design to be consistent, you want to tell the same story and with the same conviction and clarity.

And I think largely, this applies to TV shows too. Like Monk doing certain things, like not getting over his wife etc. But in the sub-plots, I think it is a lot harder to be consistent. Now, what is all this rambling about. In episode 2.13, Monk and the Missing Granny, Adrian climbs up a step-ladder in the law library to, obviously, put a book properly in the shelf. But in one of the more recent seasons, Natalie and Julie try to help Adrian get over a few of his fears – milk, bugs, playing the harmonica and height, if i recall right. And in that, he does not go up the ladder. Of course, if I were to argue against myself, I would say that the phobias have gotten worse as time went on.


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