need a name

do you guys read news online? if so, where? do you check reddit/digg? am gonna dick play around and launch a clone of reddit (as the code is open) and need to come up with a name.

it can be boring like or something cooler but not something that is so slang that it will alienate a group of people (for example, older people, non-tamils etc). hence, it might have to be english. but not restricted.. and the domain name is ‘.in’. the only cool thing i came up with was coz well buzz and buzzin’.. but some SoB has taken it. so, you guys got anything? and is hari not on this place? if not, someone do this offline with him coz my hopes rest on him, and mama. hmm, who else should i add to this message…
why am i doing it? am tired of trying to read news about india in shitty sites which are cluster-fucked cluttered with ads. and reddit works, and more importantly reddit is open source. so, i dont really lose much in playing around, except $70/month to hosting fees to amazon. which is worth it for an experiment.
eventually, if this works, it will become more localized etc etc but right now, am done talking and just want to get this out. i’ve been talking for so long about launching certain stuff, like my gmat app which will come out around the same time kamal releases marudhanayagam. so, gonna follow his philosophy and do something quick-and-dirty and sully the name but try and make some money out of it. wow, from a simple question this grew to a long list.

Finally, please do not try censor yourself. if you think something’s foolish, doesnt matter.. just throw it out here



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