Moving this blog

am moving this blog to my personal website. Please click here. Advertisements

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need a name

do you guys read news online? if so, where? do you check reddit/digg? am gonna dick play around and launch a clone of reddit (as the code is open) and need to come up with a name. it can be boring like or something cooler but not something that is so slang that it […]

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I recently graduated with a Masters in Human Computer Interaction Design from theĀ  School of Informatics, Indiana University. I am currently consulting as a designer, and getting used to living in the bay area.

Apart from interaction design, subjects that interest me include sustainability, social entrepreneurship, ICT projects, cricket and Manchester United. My blog is going to be about these things. My posts are my opinions and I do not wish to offend anyone. Check out my page at There’s a link to my page on the blogroll